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Top 5 Teeth Whitening Myths Dentists Hear All The Time

Teeth whitening can brighten up any smile, but before you order the “best teeth whitening kit” online from an unknown seller it is important to get all the facts straight. Unfortunately, there are a lot of big claims and myths surrounding teeth whitening. Check out these debunked myths.

Myth #1: Teeth whitening is too expensive.

Teeth whitening doesn't have to to be expensive. Yes, at-home tooth whitening costs less, than the in-office professional whitening. But it does not mean all professional whitening will cost you a fortune. For example: teeth-whitening kits run about $100. Professional whitening at dental clinic costs an average of $650, (although some whitening treatments can cost up to $3,500). Your dentist can set you up with at-home whitening trays for about $400.

Myth #2: Whitening makes your teeth too sensitive.

It’s important to know that teeth-whitening solutions in teeth-whitening kits sometimes do make teeth more sensitive, but it’s a temporary side effect. The truth is, the bleaching solution may also cause mild irritation to your gums, which is temporary as well. If whitening makes your teeth sensitive, it doesn’t mean you can not brighten your smile. Wear whitening trays/trips for a shorter time. If you're supposed keep them on for an hour, cut it don to 30 minutes instead. Take a break for a couple days after you first start whitening your teeth. Using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth also helps!

Myth #3: Teeth whitening can work for anyone.

Please note, no whitening treatment will work on dentures, veneers, caps, crowns or fillings. Teeth stained gray or blue or brown might not whiten well. But, teeth that are yellowish in color usually whiten the best. Ask your dentist about whether your teeth are likely to respond well to whitening.

Myth #4: It just needs to be done once.

Teeth-whitening treatments require touch-ups and care. In-office treatments may last up to 3 years! Annual touch ups will go a long way to keep your teeth even brighter. At-home whitening kits require more frequent applications. Bottom line, longevity of your results depends on your teeth, the whitening solution you use, and your habits. Smoking and drinking coffee can make teeth discolor more quickly, for instance.

Myth #5: Teeth whitening will damage your enamel

There are many studies that suggest that proper whitening doesn’t damage your enamel. However, this applies only when it’s done by a dentist or under supervision of a dentist.

The American Dental Association has not approved at-home bleaching strips, gel kits, and whitening toothpastes. They may be effective, but it's important to consult your dentist before trying any of them. Ask if a specific teeth-whitening kit would be safe for you. Get some tips to make sure you'll use it correctly.

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