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Brighten Your Smile with Zoom! Whitening


Nowadays the media is saturated with over-the-counter teeth bleaching remedies. Unfortunately, these systems are ineffective and may damage your teeth is used incorrectly. Professional tooth whitening administered by a dentist is always more safe, effective, and long lasting. Professional tooth whitening systems across the spectrum meet the following criteria:

  • Safety for teeth and protection from any damage

  • Long lasting results

  • Requires only periodic maintenance to maintain whiteness

  • Has low sensitivity for teeth

  • Performed by a dental professional

  • Proven to effectively whiten several shades

  • Leaves you with a sparkling new smile


One of the most advanced and effective whitening treatments available in the market is Zoom! Whitening. Zoom! is an in-office teeth whitening system which allows to restore stained tooth enamel and dentin back to a beautiful white shade. Many dentists and patients prefer Zoom Whitening because it can brighten your teeth up to 8 shades in under an hour. After carefully covering your mouth and lips so only your teeth are exposed, the dentist will apply a tooth whitening gel to your teeth. A bright Zoom! light then activates the gel in three 15-minute segments. Hydrogen peroxide in the gel is broken down by the light, this allows oxygen to penetrate through the tooth surface and to bleach any stains or discoloration. Daily oral hygiene habits and Zoom! Whitening touch-up kit given by the dentist will keep your smile looking bright and beautiful.


  • It is an in-office professional whitening treatment done by a dentist

  • Average 8 times shades whiter teeth is possible

  • The treatment time is only 45 minutes and it gives immediate results

  • Long lasting results

  • Doesn't affect teeth sensitivity as at-home treatments

The best way to decide on a teeth whitening treatment is to visit with an experienced and qualified dentist who can explain the pros and cons of each system and offer a teeth whitening treatment ideal for your smile. Schedule your appointment with Archer Dental to discuss the right whitening treatment for you!

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