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Prone To Cavities? How Sealants Can Help?

Actualizado: 7 de may de 2019

Even with scrupulous dental hygiene and healthy eating habits you can be at risk for cavities. Research studies show that genetics also can influence susceptibility to caries. In fact, your chance of primary tooth cavities may be based as much as 64% based on your genetics.But you can’t blame your ancestors for all your cavities.

There is solid evidence that without sugar you cannot get cavities. Dr Zhadovich advises everyone to cut way back on sugar, especially sugary drinks. Sugar clings to teeth, which can lead to decay and cavities.

If you are worried about dental cavities and your dental health, Dr Zhadovich (as with other dentists) recommends sealants, which can prevent food and sugar from getting caught in the cracks of your teeth and also help to support enamel growth.

According to the American Dental Association, while brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent cavities, “There’s another safety net to help keep those teeth clean. It’s called a sealant, and it is a thin, protective coating (made from plastic or other dental materials) that adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth. They’re no substitute for brushing and flossing, but they can keep cavities from forming and may even stop early stages of decay from becoming a full-blown cavity.”

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